The Most Popular Smartest Animals On Earth

So The Question Has Been Again Come Forth That Who Is More Smart, Humans Or Animals?

Talking about being smart, we have always wondered that it was Einstein who used the most part of his brain and the scientists kept his brain in the museum as a proof. Certainly, human beings have been blessed with a lot of intelligence and cognition. Even, God has also explained it randomly in most of His revealed holy books that human beings are indeed the most knowledgeable of all the creatures present on earth.

Since we have been talking about who is smart and who is not, who has the more knowledge and  who does not know a lot, we have lost the actual meaning of smartness. Being practical and thoughtful of smartness, it is clear that God has gifted other species like animals and marine creatures with feelings and intelligence as well.

Top Most Ranked as per the Smartest of all the Animal Species on Earth

There are millions of species present on earth which are living their lives as they are destined to and they are also dying in their respective time too. However, some of them have been blessed with ‘extra’ by the Al mighty. Yes, indeed the Al mighty has blessed His creatures with a lot of knowledge and smart intelligence and that shows up within the wonders of the world in front of us. Man was blessed and he some how managed to reach up to the moon and mars. Similarly, certain animal species have also been blessed by the God with smartness and talent. Let us see further that who has gotten what:

1.     Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are among the most intelligent creatures on earth’s surface. They are majorly known as apes and even chimps with their native states to be the Africa and Sahara regions. Chimpanzee are also famous for their body structures as they look a lot alike the human beings. There have been certain Islamic theories that Chimpanzees are said to be the uglier version of the human beings and when there was no life on earth for a very long time, chimpanzees came back first on earth. It is not only about the looks and body structures, their mental state and mental creation has also been done to be similar as of to that of the human beings.

The chimpanzees are said to be one of the most smartest creatures on earth because they are eligible to think and they can perform feats as well. They are good mimicking the people and also copying them. Chimpanzees are popular also because their DNA matches with that of the humans too and they are great when it comes to the transfer of the information.

2.     Elephants

Elephants are mighty! Yes, they are considered to be the second largest animals existing on the earth’s crust. After the African Elephant, these Asian White elephants are considered to be the crazy loud and gigantic meat balls.

These elephants are found to be in three kinds:

  1. Sumatran Elephants
  2. Indian Elephants
  3. Sri Lankan Elephants

You would never believe what we are going to tell about how much they weigh. What? You want to know? Well, nothing less than 5 tons! They spend more than half of their day in searching for food and eat it for about 2 to 3 hours only maybe. They have long trunks which have muscles and it helps them in performing a lot of tasks like holding food and putting it in the mouth to eat. Also, there is another amazing fact about these elephants that they go through the longest time duration for gestation which is about 22 months long. Being amongst the largest animals on earth, they also have a large sized brain which can work essentially for them and so they are quite loud too. elephants are really good at finding a place to live or at least managing a temporary survival place.

3.     Dolphin

Dolphins are said to be the prettiest of all the fish species out there. They are so smart and friendly and they also have a very sharp memory. They are fond of music and performing feats. They are good at recognizing people and also themselves and they also seem to have the mirror knowledge. They seem to be enjoying their own picture or reflection within the mirrors. There are different kinds of dolphins too however, the ones will the largest and smartest mind are the bottlenose ones.

They can feel emotions and also love to see the human reactions for different things so they do one after other jump and feats to listen to them laugh and applaud. They try to help human beings are much as they can and all of this is an example of the dolphins’ smart minds. Dolphins, while sleeping are quite similar to humans because one side of their mind is always awake to keep an alarm for themselves against any kind of threats. There are different centers for dolphins where they are trained properly and it is also a fact that they can easily learn stuff if they are treated with love and happy emotions.


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