The Animal Species That Are No More With Us – Extinct Animals

So Should We Grieve Over The Losses That Global Warming Has Brought For Us?

What Does Extinct Mean?

In the biological or the scientific terms, the animals or plants or any other species are when no longer left on earth which means that they do not reproduce any more and the last ones die too, this means that the specie or that organism is extinct permanently from the face of earth’s surface.

History of Extinction

We have indeed seen many many kinds of animal species roaming around us in this world. They are the most common ones in this era of existence. However, there have been so many species which have been extinct from the planet earth till now. Also, there have been animals’ species in the history which have been a victim of the evolution process and transformed to any other animal species as who must have read from the Darwin’s theory. Darwin probably tried to mold the facts that the animals were extinct but they changed their shapes and sizes and turned themselves in to something else, in to something totally different from class and phyla as well.

Extinct Animal Species Which Are Gone From the Earth

The millions of animals and plants are found to be extinct now. There was life before mankind’s arrival on earth millions of years ago and their traces are being found now. Also, the animals who occurred after the mankind’s arrival are also going in danger and their breeds are ending due to many reasons and malfunctioning into the environment and global warming are the most direct reasons for the animals extinction. Let us see which animals were extinct from the earth’s surface and when and how:

1.     Baiji White Dolphin

The Baiji White Dolphins were found in the fresh water streams and rivers of the China. They were meant to be larger in size too. however, due the vicious shadow of extinction, the baiji white dolphins have faced extreme endangered situations and were extinct finally. They were found very active and living normally since 20 million years ago till the previous century. Gradually, do you humanitarianism and marine pollution, the dolphins could not make it possible to see properly and arrange food for themselves. This lead them to extinction. Some news say that there are still some of these Baiji white dolphin on the Yangtze River of the China. However, other news are also saying that no one has ever seen the kind of specie again since after the year 2002. Thus, the world is still waiting from the environmentalists of the China.

2.     Passenger Pigeon

The world famous passenger pigeon or you can also call it the messenger pigeon which was a sub kind of the wild pigeons, they are extinct by now. They have stayed with us till the 19th century and soon after that, in early years of the 20th century, the passenger pigeons have been gone from the earth’s crust. The passenger pigeon was found in the North American regions which are linked with Europe. They were inhibited in that region for even more than 5 billion years from now. Since the connected regions of Europe and North America had to face massive deforestation due to their settlement, it lead to the extinction of this breed of passenger pigeos permanently. It is said that the last individual was seen in 1914.

3.     Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmania, Australia and the New Guinea are the home to the Tasmanian Tiger. It was a large fat animal species which depended totally on its carnivorous nature. The Tasmanian tiger had a weight of more than 28 kgs on average. The total length of this kind of tigers specie was even more than 2 meters to be calculated on average. The Tasmanian tiger had a body structure like a large sized dog which have a print on its skin which is totally similar to the zebras. Due to the crazy for hunting human beings who loved to hunt for the wild animals, the specie of Tasmanian tigers is considered to be extinct now. They were extensively hunted till the 1920s and the last tiger was spotted in the year of 1936 dying in Tasmania’s Hobart Zoo. There was a trend of bounties where people used to bet for their hunting capabilities. As a result, it lead the specie to be gone permanently off the earth’s face.

4.     Dodo

Dodo was a naive bird native of Mauritius. We called it naïve because it never could take a flight and it was found in the islands of the Mauritius. The average size of Dodo was around 1 m and it had an average weight around 15 kgs too. Dodo was considered to be a prime part of nature in that islands’ life where it was found in the 17th century and even before. The bird was able to fly but the study says that it ate a lot of variety of foods and thus it was not able to take any flights anymore. The studies show that the sailors from those islands talked about Dodo in the late 16th century and it was last seen in the last 17th century.


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