Popular Animals That Are Endangered In the Current Era

So Let Us Try Our Best To Save The World, Save The Endangered!

What does this mean when animals are in danger?

We have been discussing on a lot of topics regarding animals. Often, there are a lot of questions being raised on various concerns too. Scientists and the zoologists in the current era are constantly deriving questions and also finding the answers to them by their own searching, findings and their research. Some of these questions are like as follows:

  1. How did the animals occur into existence?
  2. What happened to the ones which were in existence before the mankind?
  3. How should we as humans preserve for the animals which are facing global warming?
  4. How should we save the endangered species?
  5. Is there any way for the environmentalists to save the world and the living beings in it?

There have been a large number or animal species that have been extinct from the planet earth’s crust even before the man kind was landed here. Also, after they have arrived, there have been animal species which have stayed endangered and are extinct now. Similarly, there still are the species which are endangered in the current time.

What is meant by ‘Endangered’ actually?

When there is a very serious threat to anything and if any specie or animal kind is going through a very high risk likely to be getting extinct in near future, that specific specie is said to be ‘Endangered’.

Endangered Animals Species That We Need To Save

A lot of species which have been dear to the environment and the environmentalists since so long are facing the risk that they are most likely to be no more on this earth. This means that they are ‘endangered’ and they are facing the danger of going to be vanished from the earth’s surface. Let us see which species are endangered in the present day environmental conditions due to global warming and hazardous climatic shifts.

Going on with the human race to being better than the best, we have put our steps on the Mars even but we do not know how to save our own planet. The list of endangered species is going on and on and more than 16000 species on earth are endangered on this day.

1.     Javan Rhinoceros

The famous yet endangered animal species from Indonesia is Javan Rhino. As the name says Javan, it means that these types of rhinos were found in Java which is in Indonesia. The specie is quite cute yet unique as these rhinos have one horn and they are quite small in size as compared to the other rhinos. With a skin color of grey and brownish blend, their horns are usually as small as about 15 to 25 cm range. They were also found back in the Bengali regions but since the specie is endangered, they are no longer found in those regions and now are only found in Indonesia in some National Park there.

2.     Orangutan

There is going to be a shocking news for you guys! Have you, in your whole life ever thought about that if the DNA of any animal would be matching with the human beings’ DNA? And what if it is a 97% exact match? Yes, it is Orangutans’’! Even their name also suggests that they are the people from the jungle. The specie is endangered and it is actually very sad because orangutans are very intelligent animals which are good at observing and also at being patient. However, the specie is highly endangered and it is so so sad.

The regions of Sumatra and also the Bornea, there to promote the agriculture, the farmers have been killing the Orangutans for a very long time now. Due to this practice, the specie has gotten into the danger of getting extinct.

3.     Vaquita

There is a range of marine animals which are also endangered in this era. There are more than 120 marine species which are endangered and the most dangerous threat is to the Vaquita which is the cetacean and also likely to be the smallest in all the world. Their abundance started going down back in the year of 1997 and you would be shocked to know that there are not even 30 Vaquitas left in the earth’s waters now. Due to the fishing that almost everyone is this era does as their hobby, and the illegal trafficking of the fish, the existence of Vaquitas are going and more down.

4.     Pangolin

Pangolin came with not one or two but about four species of itself. It was being found in Africa and Asian regions but since it has been trafficked badly, it is endangered now. Actually the trend for keratin is going in fashion and the pangolin has keratin in its scales. Thus, they are being killed heavily for the keratin. Some of the people kill them for meat however, most of the times, pangolins are killed for making medicines and cosmetic products, thus they are even killed illegally. The animal specie is highly introverted, they kept secrets and that is the reason, humans till day, are unable to detect how their behavior and attitudes were like.

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