Must to Know About the Wild Animals

So You Can Get To Know Crazy Facts About The Wild Life On Earth!

Kingdom Animalia Existence

Animals on earth can be found even before 650 million years ago. Shocking? Yes, it is. Research says that about 542 million years ago, life was found on earth which was all about animals. These were the animals which are extinct by now. As per the researched material, it is said that about more than 7000 group of similar kind of genes were explored and found is millions of the species. This common characteristic made them all to be placed into one kind which is now said to be ‘Animals’. I guess it was pretty informative, wasn’t it?

About millions of year ago in old times that are being discussed and theories are revealing shocking facts. The animals we are seeing today and the species going around in the current era, either wild ones or the other mild pet ones, they all belong to the majestic kingdom animalia.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are generally those who are considered to be living in the general and natural habitat. Such animals are found in the environment naturally, mostly in the desert regions, mountainous ranges and also in the forests with large trees. These animals are actually very comfortable in their natural habitat. They face all kinds of weathers and climatic changes all on their own and they hunt for themselves too. That is why; they are given their name which is the ‘wild animals’.

Must To Know Or The Most Popular Wild Animals Around The World

There are plenty of creatures to be found in the natural habitat as there are a variety of natural habitats found on this earth too. There are forests which are of at least four common natures. There are water habitat which is also divided into streams, lakes, rivers, sea and oceans. There are mountains and the mountainous ranges have different climatic conditions everywhere. There are even deserts but on earth, the deserts can be cold and even really very warm ones too.

Due to presence of a variety in the general and naturally found habitat too, there are a variety of animals that can survive in one habitat and not in others. This is how, nature offers millions of animal species according to each and every habitat available on the planet earth. Also, the animals being found naturally in such habitats are known as wild animals.

Let us discuss a few most popular wild animals found all around the world and the habitats within:

1.     Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is one big fluffy kind of animals which is herbivorous by nature and among the wild animals, it seems quite a happy one. However, they can be strong and savage in the times as per the needs. They are always likely to be lazy but always trying to be keeping their own business. They are wild but the hippos seem to be crazy and also they are quite different with temperament when compared to other wild animals like alligators or crocodiles.

They have teeth which are sharp and strong so they can prey in need of food and with an average weight of above 10000 pounds, hippos can also go up to 17 feet in length, is not it too large? They can survive both on land and also within the waters which should not be above their heads, they are usually found bathing in those crocodile lakes. Water seems to be their go to place or their most favorite hideout.

2.     Polar Bear

Let us not always think of the brown or black animals as the man eaters or the flesh lovers. We must warn you there are yet to come dangers that will be coming in cute, huge and fluffy white sacks. Yes, we are talking about the polar bears or you can call them white ice bears too. They are carnivorous by nature and are always ready to tear down any flesh they see in front of them. Believe us or not, they are the largest predators of all times. You must be thinking that there have never been any such news on polar bears killing people but do you think that there are a very less number of people there in the regions that they are found in. The average weight of the polar bears ranges in between 500 to 700 kilo grams and they are indeed big giant white cute death balls which are even more than cuter than the white Siberian tigers.

3.     Crocodile

There are so many different types of crocodiles found in the wild waters of Africa and Middle Eastern countries. There are probably said to be their 23 types. Some of them are very dangerous and may slaughter within seconds. The crocodiles are mostly found in their natural habitat in the lakes and wild moving streams. There have their facial organs on the upper side and breathe through the nostrils and due to the organs on upper side; the crocodiles can hunt the flesh easily. Their average size reaches about 15 feet long.


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