Most Popular Types of Existing Animal Species

So You Can Get To Know How Animals Are Classified Basically!

Animals Existence Over the Planet Earth

We have indeed seen many many kinds of animal species roaming around us in this world. They are the most common ones in this era of existence. However, there have been so many species which have been extinct from the planet earth till now. Also, there have been animals’ species in the history which have been a victim of the evolution process and transformed to any other animal species as who must have read from the Darwin’s theory.

And yet, in the current era, we still have millions of animals and their species which have been divided due to their respective differences. These animal kinds are in millions till day that scientists and animalists are busy researching more and more and discovering more and more each day.

Popular Types of Animals Right Now

The most common way to differentiate animals is to simply classify them all separately according to just what and how they are. Like segregating them all according to their living styles, their habitats, they body features, structures and last but not the least their traits. Well, the Kingdom animalia is quite magnificent that you would spend your life and the names of the species would clearly not end. Having their highest classification to be as the eukaryotic beings on earth, it actually means that they live. They live in a way that they breathe, go through respiration, reproduce their off springs, also consume food and grow.

The majestic kingdom, which is none other than the Kingdom Animalia, is divided into seven major and most common types which are these:

  1. Mammals
  2. Birds
  3. Reptiles
  4. Amphibians
  5. Fishes
  6. Insects
  7. Vertebrate


The most easily understood and commonly found out of the whole animalia kingdom is this type which is called Mammals. Also, it is known as ‘mammalia’ as the scientific name for Mammals. The animals are from the mammalia class out of animal kingdom and this class was discovered and explored by the famous name from the historians and animalists category, Carolus Linneaus. The discovery and research is known to be done and made public back in the year 1758.

The most famous characteristic of this type is that the female mammals lay eggs and most of them feed their off springs from their own milk.


Birds are another category from the kingdom animalia is the birds or you can also call this category by its scientific name which is ‘Aves’. Birds or Aves are from the class ‘Aves’ and the phylum for birds in the hierarchy is named as ‘Chordata’. One of the most beautiful creatures of the world is birds which have the most natural habitat. They fly and their habitat is sky which is beautiful in its own kind. Also, another major fact for this class of animalia kingdom is that they were also studied by Carolus Linneaus back from the days in 1758.


Reptiles or as you can call them with their scientific name which is Reptilia are another most commonly identified class out of animalia kingdom. The class was studied and explored by the most famous animalist Laurenti back in the ages from 1768.

The class is most famous for making the female human beings scream. We are merely kidding because they actually consist of the lizards, present day tortoises, snakes turtles and many more others. Also, they lay eggs to reproduce as the eggs hatch after completing their growth duration from changing into larva.


The class amphibians was discovered, studied and explored publicly by the time in 1825 by the popular and known animal researcher named as Gray. The class amphibian is named as ‘Amphibia’ scientifically and the phylum from the kingdom animalia is chordata. Amphibians are often taken as tetrapod vertebrates from the class amphibia.

The habitat of this class out of the animals is arboreal and freshwater spaces and the most common species is frog, caecilian, labyrinth and many more.


With a phylum of chordate along with the sub phylum named as vertebrata, vertebrates are another kind of species from the kingdom animalia. The kind was discovered and studied widely by the known J. B. Lamerick back in the early years of 19th century which is 1801.

This is the phylum of the animal kingdom which has the most large number of species found till the date which is almost over 69000 species.


Insects are another class from the animal kingdom and it has the scientific name called as ‘Insecta’. They are also known as the hexapod invertebrate which means that this specie does not have the animals with the back bone. Instead, they are found in a very small size. Major examples are ants, mosquito and even butterflies.


With a common and average life span of 20 years, the aquatic species are mostly considered under the major head of fish. The fish comes under the phylum of Chordata. The animals coming under this head are gill bearing creature who breathe through it. The different species out of this class are known for their speed of traveling through the distance within the sea and ocean waters.


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