Heaviest Animals Found On Earth

So, Just Out Of Thrill Too, You Do Not Try To Pick All Of Them Up!

Millions and billions of creatures been identified till now. Thousands of them have been considered extinct even before the man was allowed to put the first foot on earth. However, till day, the man has been following the signs to search and research over what is and what once has been here. Years or life and even more years of research, the crazy facts are being discovered on daily basis. Indeed, science is crazy and telling us our history is also one the other crazy things being done by the science.

If Heavy Weight Championship Was A Content Within Animal Species!

Elephant: OMG! I’m going to be savage this time, hahaha.

Rhino: Bro, you have no idea, hehehe!

Cheetah: Urgh! I think I belong to some third world region.

Lion: Dude, Get lost all of you! I am the king and there no contest happening this year anymore!

Have you ever been weight conscious that you would check the weighing machine for about 4 times every day? Well, you are luck you are humans! If only we humans were also that big as the animals that we will be discussing further, we would not be able to take the pain. Just because we as humans are diet conscious and a slight fluctuation in our sizes can get us worried, we are been made humans. Why? Because we were never able to maintain our cool and savage level to this extent if we knew we weigh almost half of the world! Is not it legit?

Just search on those animals that are heavy weight champions on earth and still are calm as ice. They do not even bother of their organs and flesh, how?

Heaviest Animals Found on Earth

Let us have a few detailed conversations over the heaviest creatures been existing on earth for a long time. Someone please go and ask them how? How do they maintain their cool even after having this much of mass?

1.     African elephants

The African elephants are indeed the largest found creatures among all the animal species found on the earth’s crust. They are considered one of the most hazardous of all the animal species as well. The body structures, mostly from the ear parts make them different from the Asian elephants. You would not believe this but they weight no less than 6 tons and are extremely huge ones. They are found in the hot climatic regions from the Africa, majorly Central and Western. They roam around in groups that are called herds and also they travel around to find their nutrition. And God, they are loud too! The African elephants, either male or females, all have long tusks.

2.     Asian Elephant

Asian elephants are mighty! Yes, they are considered to be the second largest animals existing on the earth’s crust. After the African Elephant, these Asian White elephants are considered to be the crazy loud and gigantic meat balls.

These elephants are found to be in three kinds:

  1. Sumatran Elephants
  2. Indian Elephants
  3. Sri Lankan Elephants

You would never believe what we are going to tell about how much they weigh. What? You want to know? Well, nothing less than 5 tons! They spend more than half of their day in searching for food and eat it for about 2 to 3 hours only maybe. They have long trunks which have muscles and it helps them in performing a lot of tasks like holding food and putting it in the mouth to eat. Also, there is another amazing fact about these elephants that they go through the longest time duration for gestation which is about 22 months long.

3.     Blue Whale

No, do not get scared or worried. We here are not talking about the blue whale game which would get you killed in the end. We are talking the absolutely gigantic Blue Whale creature you can find in the ocean and sea waters. You should know that the specie is said to be the smartest one out of all the animal creatures existing in the earth waters today.

We have been talking about the elephants lately but you would be left with a shock if we tell you that only the tongue of this blue whale can solely weigh equal to that elephant i.e. about 4 to 6 tons. Thus, the whole of the whale must be no less than 180 to 200 tons of weight easily and their food is mostly the plankton found in the surface beneath the waters.

4.     Hippopotamus

One of the most laziest creature but also among the most toughest ones out there is the hippo. They are so tough that even the nature did not bless with the sweat glands so they pass absolutely no sweat! Well, they are the ones who are the innocent ones out there which mean that they would not hunt you right away as they are herbivorous. They have waters as their favorite hideout and also they weight about more than 7500 pounds themselves and eat about 80 tons of food too.



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