Fastest Animals in the Whole World

Who Knows If It Is A Lamborghini Or A Cheetah To Win The Race!

An Overview to the Speedy Animals

You must have been watching discovery or animal planet type channels on your television sets apparently at any time of your life. Also, you must have seen what kind of story line they explain in the documentary when they are trying to show you that how one animal waits for the right time to run after another animal to prey it for its food.

Just for the same right cause which is hunger and desire to prey, there are plenty of animals which are given extremely sharp and fast hunting features such as long thin legs, flexible body structure, eye sight sensitivity to see thing five times more clear and accurate etc. these attributes explains the preying ones.

However, on the other hand, there are also the ones who have to save their own lives. Some animals are found in the wild habitat but certainly, their nature of preying is not wild and as a result, they have to become a victim for someone else’s desire to prey. To such animals, God has given the same speed, may be more and the same instinct and gut feeling they do get some times so they can for their lives from the forest kind, lions and tigers..

Despite the whole preying and being the victim thing, it is noticeably epic to say how a cheetah look so beautiful while running after the victimized deer. The death race certainly becomes a value criterion for everyone. Have you ever seen any such death race? It is so breathless that you should at least once tune in to these channels to see it.

Fastest Animals Which Are Famous For Their Speed From All Around The World

As we discussed before that there are a number of animals who have been showing their speeds against the nature from their old days of existence. Now it has become a habit or more likely, it is to be said that hunting or preying, chasing through the speed has become the nature of such animals that they might not be able to survive without chasing their own records.

Some animals do prey other animals’ flesh for their own food and also some do this after considering it a desire out of there to fulfill the ego of their own nature. Let us discuss a few of these animals which are considered the fastest among the wild life animals which can also be famous for their hunting and to prey for food.


1.     Peregrine Falcon

When we talk about the hunter birds, we certainly cannot ever forget about the Peregrine falcon and you will be more than shocked to know that these birds are the worthiest hunters out there in the sky preying some other animal for food. This falcon bird is one hunter of its kind and it does not like flying for the sake of flying, it moves towards rock surfaces, coastal areas where the wind flows in the hair naturally.

The most exciting and prominent feature of these falcons is their eyes which are much heavier and they use them to identify their prey even from a height as far as 300 meters. They can hunt the prey very skillfully and while doing a smooth feat in the air above a known height. The exchange of their food takes place from the male falcons to the female falcons even while during their flight too.

2.     Cheetah

Often known as the larger breed among cats, Cheetah is considered as the fastest animal on the planet earth. It is usually observed that a Cheetah can even run faster than a Lamborghini Veneno that what distance covered by a Lamborghini is 5 minutes, might be covered by a Cheetah in apparently 3-4 minutes.

Belonging from the sub family of Falinae and a family of Falidae, with an average weight ranging from 25 to 50 kgs, a Cheetah is mostly found in the forests areas and more likely to be in the forests of South Africa and North Africa.  The cheetah is on average said to be able to cover at least more than a 100 kilometers of distance within an hour if running.

3.     Pronghorn

With an average weight ranging in between 35 kilograms and 60 kilograms, Pronghorn is also considered among one of the fastest animals existing on the planet earth. The pronghorns have a speed comparatively less than a cheetah but probably they are no less than any other fastest animal when it comes to speed. It has an average speed while running of about covering a distance of 98 kilometers within an hour. They belong to the family of mammals within the kingdom animalia.

4.     Blue wildebeest

The blue wildebeest is also considered among one of the fastest animals on earth and are often commonly called as just ‘wildebeest’. They also belong to mammal class with a family of Bovidae and the Phylum is Chordata. The blue wildebeests are famous for their hunting the prey beautifully with an unimaginable speed.


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