Animals and Their Classification Factors

You Can Have Some Knowledge on the World’s Creatures!

What Kinds are there for Living Things?

We as human beings think of the world as if it is only ours, and why not? It is the human beings who came and changed the history. They made discoveries and inventions throughout the life on earth till now and still that search and research is going on. Life on earth was made possible by the Al mighty but sending humans on earth was surely thoughtful. Also, human beings have proved their existence to have some meaning and purpose.

However, it is not only the human beings who are living at this planet earth. There is plenty of other signs of life too and life is present in God knows how many forms on earth now. Life can be found in the form of millions of plants and their kinds or species. Life on this day on earth has plenty other forms like animals and their uncountable species as well. Not only that, microbes, viruses and bacteria, they all are forms of life on earth and also on other planets too. In a recent discovery, they (most likely to be the NASA people) have found that there are certain gases around Mars which confirms the idea that there was micro biotic life present on Mars.

Existence of Animal Life on Earth

Animals on earth can be found even before 650 million years ago. Shocking? Yes, it is. Research says that about 542 million years ago, life was found on earth which was all about animals. These were the animals which are extinct by now. As per the researched material, it is said that about more than 7000 group of similar kind of genes were explored and found is millions of the species. This common characteristic made them all to be placed into one kind which is now said to be ‘Animals’. I guess it was pretty informative, wasn’t it?

Animals or The Kingdom Animalia

About millions of year old times are being discussed and theories are revealing shocking facts. The animals we are seeing today and the species going around in the current era, either wild ones or the other mild pet ones, they all belong to the majestic kingdom animalia. The kingdom animalia covers the species which are eukaryotic by existence and they have multi cellular organs and they collectively make the complete organ systems within them. Being multi cellular or having multi organ systems means that they can breathe, they can do respiration, they can move from one place to another, they can reproduce their off springs, they can eat or drink and also have proper digestive system.

Till day, there have been great discoveries made on the life existence before mankind on the planet earth. The discovery shows the existence of a lot of extinct species now. They have been discovered through fossils and their remains within rocks, deserts, sea water and also their skeletons and skeletal prints over the existing materials on the earth.

Classifications of Animals is Done on What Factors?

Animals are of so many kinds that you actually spend your whole life counting and dealing them in separate heads. There have been so many extinct animals from the history who are being recognized now and they have their own species and kinds on the basis of habitat, traits, body structures and a lot more.

Similarly, animals which are currently in an existence on the earth we are living on today also are classified and characterized into so many separate heads. There can be so many factors which are actually responsible for the classification of the animals. These factors made the historians and animalists from the evolutionary age to divide all the animal species into different types, kinds and characteristics.

Some of these notable factors which are collectively and separately responsible for the animal species to be divided are these:

  1. On the basis of Habitat
  2. On the basis of Body Structures
  3. On the basis of Features
  4. On the basis of Living Styles


Habitat is about the ambiance and the external living environment and surroundings of the animals living in an area or any premises. Most easiest and common reason to separate any animal species from another is their habitat or the external environment where they spend their lives.

Body Structures

There are plenty of animals on this planet that we see around and they all can be distinguished very easily due to their unique body shape, size and making. Indeed, God has made each and every animal with a unique body structure which can be identified right away.


Features of each animal species are different from others and they are also a very clear difference. I would clear this point with a common example that both crow and eagle have wings but they both have different kind of wings which in result helps them in flight.

Living Styles

Again, I would mention that there are plenty of animals surviving and existing on this planet. However, their living styles are another major and obvious factor differentiates among the species.

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