All You Should Know About Reptiles

Animals That You Did Know Were Reptiles But They Are!

Why Do Animals Exist?

We as human beings think of the world as if it is only ours, and why not? It is the human beings who came and changed the history. But what about the time when you see a lizard in the corner of the room? And what if it all of a sudden advances towards you? Human beings made discoveries and inventions throughout their life on earth till now and still that search and research is going on.

Why the cockroaches come out when it is dark? Or why do they all of a sudden start flying, why? Life on earth was made possible by the Al mighty but sending humans on earth was surely very thoughtful. Also, human beings have proved their existence to have some meaning and purpose to make good use out of their lives.

What Are Reptiles?

Reptiles or as you can call them with their scientific name which is Reptilia are another most commonly identified class out of animalia kingdom. The class was studied and explored by the most famous animalist Laurenti back in the ages from 1768.

The class is most famous for making the female human beings scream. We are merely kidding because they actually consist of the lizards, present day tortoises, snakes turtles and many more others. They are the tetrapod kind of animals which also they lay eggs to reproduce as the eggs hatch after completing their growth duration from changing into larva.

History of Reptiles

Reptiles seem to be as old as the earth. The specie seems to be existing since long ago, maybe not in the same state but in other forms. As per the research, it says that the existence of reptiles is found back in the years, maybe millions. However, the form of reptile animals was recognized and named in 13th century publicly.

There are a number of theories which have been written history till the current day times over the reptiles. How they were formed into occurrence and also how they were recognized over the years and studied widely by the scientists and zoologists all over the world. All time famous for his knowledge in reptiles, Laurenti has given a lot of research to this animal kind back in the mid of the 18th century days.

Darwin’s Theory on Reptiles

The most interesting theory out of all the historic reptilian histories given by the zoologists is this Darwin’s theory where he explains evolution all over his own speculations and imaginations. It was a mere thought and he proved it to be a law. If you remember, we all must have studied that Darwin’s law about ‘the survival of the fittest’ where he mentions that only the best striving ones will survive the pressures of the world.

He also explained that in old ancient times, snakes also had legs; lizards had long legs probably like frogs and so on. But due to lesser and lesser usage of these organs, the organs started to diminish gradually and then they were gone ultimately. So now, snakes have no legs and lizards have short legs. Thus, due to this evolution over time of snaked and lizard, what structure they have now makes them reptiles.

Some Facts You Should Know About Reptiles

Reptiles are one of the most easily detectible and identifiable creatures over the planet earth. Also, they are kind of most feared in the domestic lives. Let us get some information on the reptiles and their life to know a few facts on them:

  1. Reptiles are a class out of the vertebrate animals which means that they do not have a vertebral column in their body structure.
  2. The skin of the reptiles is one of a kind, it is specially designed by nature is hard bony kind of scaled and plates, sometimes separately and sometimes combining together.
  3. The reptiles are the special kind of the animals who have the animal species that change their skins. Almost all the reptiles take their outer layer of the skin off which is hard shell or scale type. The skin shedding process is usually done in specific seasons where they take that off and wear new skin layers.
  4. The reptiles are the only animal kinds that can live underwater and also above the land. However, the environment and its temperature work wonders for them. Their eating and digesting habits depends highly on these external environments of their habitats.
  5. Reptiles are quite different from other animal types. While those animal species prefer to stay warm or cold or maintain a balanced body temperature. Reptiles are exactly opposite and would not have a balanced temperature inside of their bodies.
  6. It is quite difficult for this animal kind to maintain a body temperature so they always have to find a right environment or habitat for them to stay either cold or warm according to the external temperatures going on.
  7. It is another strange fact about the reptiles that the external temperature is also very important for reproduction for them, it mostly depends upon the external temperatures because they cannot manage their own body temperatures. Also, they lay eggs when it is suitably warm externally so that their eggs can hatch in time and the young one get suitable external environment as well.

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